Hops Heritage, Historic Hatchery, Hooch & Gardens

Hops, Hatchery, Heritage - of many forms

There is so much to see in this mountain-ringed riverside valley near Hobart, especially visits to private properties central to this region's agricultural history.

  • See where those precious hop flowers - essential for beer-making, were processed in Colonial Times in an 1860’s oast house (drying building for hops)
  • View an historic estate where 80% of Australia’s hops were produced, now exporting to over 23 countries
  • Wander through the “Giverny of the South” rose arbour, alongside bountiful blackcurrants, past an 1822 inn now a lovingly preserved house
  • Hand feed BIG trout in a 150 year old fish hatchery responsible for the origins of all trout fishing in the Southern Hemisphere, amidst Victorian pleasure gardens, and a very brash platypus or two. The swish of those tails…
  • In season pick cherries, raspberries, and roam amidst highly prized poppy fields and vegetable seed beds
  • Roam through private gardens with trees dating from early 1820’s
  • Taste award-winning biodynamic wine, the phases of the moon in its production, and why it may be a cost-effective method. Other Wine options available too, just ask Kim.

$955 per person (2 people) -  $655 per person (4 people)
Full day/entry fees/delicious lunch/drinks/wine tasting included