A beautiful day out, within riverside valleys and native bush. We’ve got all bases covered – from paddocks to plates, with leading small scale wine/craft spirits/cider etc to fill your glasses.

Choose your favourites from the following or request something - all is flexible around your wishes.

  • Roam amongst seasonal heritage vegetables, greens, fruits and flowers. Understand why Tasmanian produce is sought out for premium restaurants worldwide.

  • Discover delicious little known seasonal varieties.

    • Did you know, for example, that spinach can climb and has black seeds?

    • Perhaps learn about black radishes, tomatoes topping the sweetness scale of flavour,

    • discover that olives won’t fruit unless their branch is on a certain angle… yes.. seriously..

    • and perhaps be amused by Lola the pig uprooting the soil - who needs a tractor?...

    • And a peony farm in bloom is a sight to behold.

    • Seasonal options might include: walnuts, cherries, cheeses, abalone, …and leave with a goody bag of the best.

  • Lunch at award winning Agrarian Kitchen Eatery using the best locally grown produce or alternative outstanding restaurant.

  • Meet with the inspirational, award-winning potter whose lifetime work with local materials is found in Australia’s best restaurants, and more widely in museums and collections around the world.

Within beautiful native bush setting overlooking aqua coastal waters, find out how those beautiful plates you eat off are made … you won’t look at ceramics in the same light again... contemporary native wood fired ceramics created from local clays, and nearby stones ground for glaze materials. A true expression of place.

  • Enjoy world award-winning wines from small scale vineyards (honed to your wine variety preferences if preferred). This can include amphora fermentation, biodynamic, single-vineyard wines. And/or craft gin and whisky within remarkable colonial property, meeting with the owners.


  • Visit 1800’s fish ponds: the origins of all trout fishing in Australasia. Gravity fed by pure mountain water, amidst extensive heritage trees, hear the remarkable story of decades of tenacity.

  • At dramatic, remote 1800’s heritage property lunch with the owners. Roam the paddocks viewing deer, old rabbiter’s hut, or even try a spot of fishing.

  • Visit Georgian riverside town, learn about Tasmania’s convict past in deeply affecting garrison gaol, operating earlier than Port Arthur.

  • Visit native wildlife sanctuary to engage with enchanting wombats, koalas, and hand feed kangaroos etc. Did you know that two of them are related…?


9.30 am to 4.30 pm, subject to appointment. Flexible timing available.


Includes transport, guide, morning tea, lunch.